Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Possible Introduction to Alienus Tempus

This is the newest version of a possible introduction to my memoir

Its said that when you are in the throes of mental illness, when you are truly crazy, that you are
unaware of what the reality of the situation really is. That you are immersed in and
absorbed by irrationality and delusion. So that must indeed settle it then. I am not crazy. Somewhat confused possibly.

For it seems I may at times not be able to distinguish the Koinos Kosmos from the Idios Kosmos, the shared reality and the personal reality. Some think that when the Idios Kosmos tips the scale then you are crazy. I would agree that is a possibility, but would postulate that if your Idios Kosmos is not at least in equal alignment with the Koinos Kosmos then you may not be balanced. Potential Truths are veiled to you. I have an abundance of Idios Kosmos and should be balanced. Alas, I am not.

There has been an assault on my faculties and for some reason, I am not in control as I used to be. There is Another that seeks to restore balance, but in doing so, has shaken the very fabric of my reality and, I would argue, the Koinos Kosmos as well. It is still hidden, but in place. Occult. Waiting for opportunities when its interests would be best served. A master of games, always countless moves ahead. This ubiquitous enigma, not unlike what one unique science fiction writer referred to as VALIS, must have considered June 23, 2002 to be such an opportunity.

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