Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Subjects of my Reflection

Alienus Tempus concerns mostly with life altering events that occurred during the summer of 2002 and its aftereffects, with a few necessary detours to my teens.

Many of these events blur the lines of conventional reality. Or so the evidence as I see it is so overwhelmingly compelling as to cause me to believe it to be so. I've written the facts down in various format, yet have not analyzed them in sufficient detail. I'm hoping that writing these experiences in the memoir/story format will help loosen the chains that bind my subconscious so I can explore what is really there. When this is done I believe I can finally move on to the fiction which I am ultimately compelled to write.

This is also about the union of and interaction of both mental illness and potentially authentic paranormal anomalous experience. How can we tell one from the other? Are they mutually exclusive? Are my experiences partly the result of mental illness or is the illness and suffering the result of the experiences? This will be a memoir mostly about internal struggle. There were and still are external struggles. These experiences have caused great hardship living in the world and with family. I will explore these matters as well.

Synchronous events occurring on 6/23/2002 inevitably led me to the work of the late science fiction writer Philip K Dick. From that day and forward a plethora of psychic and phenomenal events began occurring, lasting a few years then gradually abating in frequency and intensity though still occurring.

Even though I feel I intimately know Philip K Dick, I profess to be no scholar nor do I desire to ever become one. To me, that would be akin to writing a thesis or dissertation about a close family member or a best friend.

If you are unfamiliar with the Philip K Dick connection you can view a condensed version of the story at House of Ubiquity, where a few others have posted their own unique experiences. My writings are called Alienus Tempus and there are five parts.

Here are links to each of the five parts:

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Alienus Tempus: Part 4
Alienus Tempus: Part 5

I hope you take a look. Feel free to comment over there and/or here.

The focus of this blog will be about sharing the process of writing this memoir. The process will include sharing my thoughts about the actual writing of the memoir. I'll talk about some of the source material, and other snippets of research I have done, am doing, or still need to do. I'll share with you more personal things like what kind of music I listen to while writing, and other tidbits that help me focus while writing. And the distractions that can get in the way of productivity. I have both good days and bad, so be forewarned.

I hope that you enjoy reading this blog and continue to stick with it. I really do appreciate you. Another reason for this blog is entertain the idea of accountability. And for that, I need your help.